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About Us

The name Lucky Exports has always been synonymous with the best in slate industry ever since its inception when the company started it's quarry operation in India. Lucky Exports is a famous producer and supplier of "River Grey" & "New Copper" Slate which is known the world over for its durability, shine and texture.

Lucky Exports owns quarries & factories and has earned a name in the international market as the Leading Exporter of premium quality Indian natural stones backed with considerable experience in mining business with an objective of being leader in natural stone processing.

Our mission & vision is to ensure swiss replica watches that our unique exotic and beautiful stones are available and attainable to all who desire them. We aspire to combine the beauty and durability of natural stone with unequaled personalized attention for all their patrons. We also pledge to faithfully implement innovative techniques in order to assure that our products remain affordable to all those who admire natural perfection and to deliver our products in less then ten days without sacrificing quality or excellence.

Our company is characterized by responsibility and fulfillment of all commitments acquired with our customers. We have developed advanced logistics to have your product ready on time; moreover, we pay especial attention to the quality of our products and stones, in order to ensure your satisfaction.

Lucky Exports is led by a seasoned management team well versed in every aspect of the quarry, fabrication, transportation, foreign trade, finance and who, collectively, have more than 20 years with the company. All employees have the relevant expertise with years of experience in slate industry.

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